Like mother like daughter




Is even forever a time good enough to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to the ones we love..??

Today me and my mother watched the stepmom together..we were on different couches crying thinking about the different things..or probaby the same..

The movie ended and my mom came and hugged me tight..we both cried in each others..arms pretending it was the movie and then, slept holding each other’s hands….

But while I lay beside her feeling the warmth of her hands in mine..feeling the security and love and contentment in knowing that she was with me..I couldnt help but feel how much I loved her and how absolutely how impossible it would be to ever part with her at all..all I ver wish is to be just a little more like her..and no matter how much I say or I dont that I love her..I cant deny or realise it enough for I am a part of her.. a part that nither of us can be more thankfull for..a part that niether of us would be able to part with….

My grandmother died soon after my mother’s marriage when I was in her womb..I never met her but I know her perfectly through the beautiful potrait my mother draws of her in all the little things she does..
“You are the only thing that kept me going through that time for you made me feel that my mother was all around me..”
I can only imagine what my mother would have been going through..that these words of


and love came out of her mouth after so many breakdowns and regrets….I cant imagine all of it but I know what she meant..

They say the relationship of a mother and a daughter is unlike any..and I sure agree with that..
To a daughter mother is not the person who only gave birth to her..but she is the one who gave her all of it to make beautiful and happy for life..
And because even after death it carries on a part of the other..keeps her alive in oneself..

How to love so there are no regrets..??

No relationship with love is short of regrets for there is always somthing you should have done more..
even millions of years together wouldn’t be enough..
all the misunderstandings and fights and “never talk to you agains” and what nots are what eventually strenthen the realtionship and in my view if you do not have any its not love….

Maybe its just to realise how much your mother means to you and love her and understnd her.. but even then,as my mother said..”when you give birth to a child you will know how she felt about you..and all you have done for her would seem so little….so small….”

But its never to regret or cry..for there is part of her you will carry by..
Mothers never die not in there daughters..
The generations carry by in the sweet tottles..

So now I may ask you again is forver a time enough to say goodbye..??
Or maybe
You just dont have to….


6 thoughts on “Like mother like daughter

  1. Stimulating, thought-provoking post, especially since I am in the middle of losing my 93 yr old father to dementia and frail health. With my recent visit to him I realized his body is still here, but basically the rest of him, and the relationship we shared, is gone. Fortunately I was able to forge a closer, deeper relationship with him these last few years as I helped him live independently as long as possible and then transition to assisted living and now skilled nursing.

    p.s. Thanks for deciding to follow Self-help Health. I always appreciate when someone decides to do that, plus it helps lead me back to what they’re up to, like this interesting blog of yours. BTW, love the pictures you featured in this post.

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    1. Thank you so really means a lot to me.. 🙂
      Your words have motivated me and above all made me awe on how brave you are..
      Id take a moment here to appreciate your love and care towards your father and how even in this difficult time you stand by him making both of you so mch stronger..
      Ill pray for your father and I wish you both be happy always and one more thing..the realtionship you shared can never be will always be his lil girl and he would be your idol always….
      Take care ♥

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