Death the end??


I dont fear if I die..
I fear if I die today..
Today when the world doesnt know me..
Today when I am nobody
Today when I came and made no differnce to this world..
Today when I am wasting god’s gift to all soo inferior..

I dont fear death
I fear if I die today..
Not because I would be no more
But for no more trace of me would be left with this world

I havnt dont anything worthwhile anything that will keep me alive..alive in the hearts of people
Alive forever..
I cant be shakespere..or his poem or unconditional love of a sincere romeo
But maybe I can live I can be immortal
By touching lives as they come by
And living with the purpose dear god gave us by..
Like that maybe my gift wont be wasted
And with his eyes on the judgement day he will smile……



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