My first astral projection

I relaxed again..
Today atleast both my hands and legs I have to move..
I concentated on my breath and slowly thought of nothing nomore
Just empty my mind , of thought
Filled with the magic of potentiality

I tried to move my hands with my mind..not phisically for that is not mine..
The tingling feeling again..I knew my soul was finding its way
Hush dont think..I reminded myself to concentated again..
I felt current running throughout my body..
The 3rd time I experinced this but it felt soo new..
Both my hands and one of of legs were now out of my body when suddenly rest took a test
I shuttered and shivered and it felt like somthing lifting me up
I felt soo light soo soft..
Like something blocking me was now not around..
I felt my brain freezed and tears rolled down my eyes but tears with smile
I didnt know why….
Too afraid to look I closed my eyes when not black but white filled my mind..
There was white all around me..
Alas ! I was afraid what was that surround me..
Then suddenly I turned around it felt like it happed what I thought about..
I saw myself lying on the bed!
Sleeping empty like all the rest..


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