Nicholas and his sparks ♥♥


Three weeks with my brother,were enough for me..
To make me realise there needs a bend in the road for me..
I needed a rescue from this lonely me..
Save haven come get me, send the gaurdian for me..

Then I found a message in a bottle
Dear john came into my life and drowned deep into the saddle..
At first sight I fell for him..
The lucky one  and our nights in rohtande..
A new we defined me..

But the notebook reveled the pasts behend
He accepted mine why shouldnt I do the same..
With doubts but love I resoved to go in
The longest ride it proved for me and him..

The wedding brought out the best of me
The last song was one yet to be..
And my life with the choice was truly a walk to remember
True beliver,well only lovers could be….



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