The spaghetti spoof

Travel is meditation to know Like it brings to my sight all that was hidden..
My feelings desires my limitations and my powers..

When I travel I forget about about everything..everything for all that time..
And all I can do is express my awe on the imprefect perfection around..


The roads less traveled..the busy and empty weekday streets..
The people the families..all connect to families who I do not know..
The smiles strangers give the joy of having traditional feasts..
Nothing beautified nothing glittered..
Just real enough to get subreal..


Nature people all at the unadultrated real form have the beauty that human touch can only wish for..
And travel makes me touch that feel it and be a part..
I wish I could just goo off and  roam..
Just nowhere..and that is what its all soo special about..


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