Speak of me

Do you ever think of what people would have to say about you when you would be no more..??

Who would u like to write your story..??

A person you know or a person who knows you..??


There are a bazzzillion people living out there..and not all of them are shakespere or gandhi.. not atlest the people like us who can be sure that not more than..just a second, how many people know you..??
2500 friends on facebook..??
Greek..huh..a 100 family members..?
Out of these who many people can you count on that they know and understand you..??


So what scares me is that people who do not know or understand me would describe me and others would simply believe..and it hurts to be seen as someone who I ain’t..for ultimately all we do is to be loved a little more..
And something that anybody deserves is to be at least known as the person he really is..but its impossible,isnt it..??


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