Bare sides..why cant I see you both..??

Ever flipped a coin and tried to see both of its sides at the same time..?? As much as you will try to see them together you will get lesser view of any side….


You know It bothers me to know that I only know one part of everything that has ever happened to me..
That everybody has a different version of the same thing that satisfies their ethics while I do not know any….

So as to not confuse you..
Suppose you are sitting at a table at a cafe drinking your favourite cup of coffee, 1 spoon sugar lots of cream and you saw a lady there sitting across the table from you,alone when a boy left her side think the obvious of her while she knew that he had cheated on her and he came there to say sorry and she wished him luck for his future..
You know what I mean..

We do this all the time..and This bothers label someone insensitive or wrong and then think that maybe they had something that made it for them the right thing..and ultimetly not knowing their side of story..for I know how being labeled feels..and it just isnt good..

So ill request evry person who understands this or felt this at any point of time..
Do not judge unless you know what has made the other person do what you think he did….for i belive you can never hate a person if you know the real him….



5 thoughts on “Bare sides..why cant I see you both..??

  1. Absolutely true. I’ve always thought this way and this article confirms it with an excellent comparison of a flipped coin!


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