Placid sea is a myth
          And so is contentment in life..
                   For life is to strive
              Not just to live-survive


Your lying on this bed..watching the snow fall peacefully think of soo many things lying down there..good and bad..but you wont get up and change or appreciate any..coz whatevr is in the moment is sooo comfortable….and you, are too satified to change……

I belive the only thing we humans want In our lives is comfort amd satisfaction..and as long as we have it nothing else bothers us….so in a way the two things we wish for is what makes us useless losers..

Why would anyone care about making a “difference” if they want no difference in their lives..

So I sat there on the bed with this thought and a yellow bedside light making everything cozy….
I didnt feel like writing.
I thought but I felt too lazy.

But then it striked me..maybe this is a small form of the comfort that made the world so insensitive towards everything else than themselves..
A bait to the trap of worthless life..

And with this I got up, took my dairy and a pen In my hand away from the mirage of false comfort false conentment..
False lives..



18 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. You wrote in the end. That’s what makes all the difference.
    On the other hand, take me. The pages are left hungry, the pen is drying up and the thoughts? lets just say that I am too lazy to even do that.

    Keep writing, keep inspiring.
    Take Care. 🙂

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    1. I confidently disagree with it..and moreover.. when I started on I didnt expect anyone to read it..and I am not as good as the others but smhow it felt good to think that somone I dont know reads what I think and connects with it..
      U dont have to be good..u jst have to be you..
      So if it would make any difference me saying this, I would love to read something written by you….

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