Love, me


Did you ever think about how we spend all our lives from our first breath and back to our last breath and ahead and there is only one person who is with us all that time..everybody else just comes to our lives bringing with them good parts and bad ones and they become a part of lives..
So shouldn’t that one person we share our whole life with be the most important. .??


The other day I went out for a coffee..
My favourite cup at the cafe coffee day..
I sat in there alone not feeling a bit lonely..
I was thinking about a few things that had been going around and I simply took a tissue and started scibbling stuff..
Then I saw a girl looking at me..she was with a guy and 2 other girls probably her friends..and when she found that I caught he she immediately vhanged her glance..
I smiled with that spoon full of brownie in my mouth dipped in chocolate fountain..
I left in an hour after an awesome date with myself..


Why do people find it so wierd , the idea of someone spending time alone..??
Why is it so often linked with egoism or attitude..??
I mean isnt it wrong that you live with yourself all the time through everything and still not love yourself..??

Take it from me.. a person who has hated herself and loved herself too..
I chose loving myself everytime..
Whenver I am sad or happy alone or with friends I always know that there would be one person who would never leave my side..
I can bet there cant be another person who would know you better than you know yourself and for sure non who could get you all you want..
You will feel apreciated and slowly turn into the person you wanted to be..
When you question yourslef you will know the real you..
You cant lie to yourself so in this realtionship there is just love….
And it feels so good so divine to love that person you know you should..

Moreover,Its sad how we do not love we cry for others and neglect ourselves..
How we spend our lives understanding people making thm happy and in the end it is us who wasnt understood who wasnt happy..

So here I would say again start it today..


Stop running after people..
Stop taking yourslef for granted..

Today,Spend some time alone with yourself..
Even if you hate yourslef know that everybody needs some love..
Give time to know and understand yourself..
Do fun things-travel walk run all by yourself
Appreciate the person in the mirror
Slowly start falling in love with you..


For I can say this without a tinch of doubt that whoever may come or go you youself deserve to feel good..


Pamper yourself share some secrets with you..
For with passing time only you are going to be with you..

♥♥I dont say do not love others..what all I am saying is to not forget yourself..♥♥




21 thoughts on “Love, me

  1. It’s super perfect, already loving myself with all my heart 😛
    I really am feeling like to reblog this, so please may I? 😀
    Plz Plz Plz…… 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. oh sure..
      n thank you so much..
      btw i jst went through ur blog..your post are beautiful..insightful and i couldnt help but appreciate how good you are with words 🙂
      and also you absolutely deserve to love yourself.. ♡

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on girlwithgoldenheart and commented:
    This one is by Lavanya, another talented and deep soul, happened into my blogging my experience.
    Her sweet and beautiful poem, I thought defined my thoughts……
    So, I felt like sharing it over my blog ❤


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