Our tale


This time I will give it all..
This life I would win you over..
This story of ours wouldnt fail..
This is how everything would sing our tale..

For once that courage..
I need to bring..
To let go and live..
My perfect dream..

For once that faith..
I need to have in you my love..
My love for whom ill stand..
Who I know would stand by..

The conditional unconditions..
The fatal farfrechers..
Id break them all..
Fill with truth..
For all the moments that you were and werent..
For all the times that we were tested..

And would it be worth it..??
I dont know..
Is this perfection my hallucination..??
I dont know..
But I do know a truth about you and me..
That this feeling of love would grow to the death of us..
That if I dont be with you ill repent all my life..
That if I dont try id never be happy in my life..
And that if now I dont, I would never be able to..
So ill close my eyes now to an impractical tomorrow..
Ill pave my way towards heartwarming days..
Ill run to you without looking back..
Starting with beautiful dreams about us two……



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