I wonder….

I wonder what people see
When they open their eyes each morning
I wonder what people feel
When they start or end one more day of their lives
I wonder what all goes inside ,
A person’s mind….
I wonder what makes us all alike and so different at the same time..
I wonder if the other people ever think about all the wierd stuff I think of..
I wonder if the others feel the same longing to know this too….


I wonder if the ones who read this..
Would add a question or two..
I wonder if what all I see..
There is somthing more that I dont know……..


13 thoughts on “I wonder….

    1. Thank you so much..
      That is so sweet of you to include me in the list of the people who insipre you in different ways..
      This rests for me as a huge compliment specially coming from a blogger like you..
      Ill carry on the further nominations answer your question for me following you.. ♥♥
      And again, you made my day 🙂

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  1. I wonder what makes two minds connect across distance?
    I wonder why those same two minds when they see each other lose that connection?
    No one changed. Our eyes deceive us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe..
      Your right but I think like minds connect across distance and time..
      It really doesn’t matter if shelly lived half way through the world from me n died years before I was born..when I read him..It’s like reading a piece of my mind..

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