I travelled the world to catch a glimpse of you..lied to the grunt to get an opinion of you..
Its goes here without saying that I do love you….
Pain is in it that I didnt know it at the time you were here……
But somthing here hurts me more than that….
The fact, I am never getting you back……


With everything beautiful in life..comes regrets not because you dont have it but because you didnt value it enough..
So today take some time and think, about all the small and big parts of you that define you..that came to your life so you live a little more happy….
And value them because the pain of them parting is more than the intended hurt……

If your reading this, do one little thing..
Everyone you see each day just take a moment to think if they were gone..and if it makes any difference to you..add them to the list..
These are the people who make up the glisting garland of you life..and whichever way it may come to you naturally..just make them know what they are to you….



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