It amazes me that while pictures do not have a life of their own..some pictures are so strong that if you look at them long enough..they draw you to thier world..
Yes, their world..which never changes but always offers dimentions to explore….and endless paths to travel..
You can first visualise the energies that weren’t captured in the picture and later you can feel how it must be being there….and somtimes you will feel as though you are if you can take a left to that unfamiliar new path and you can actually witness what all is going on..
As if you can walk and then come across somthing you never thought about….



But it has to be long enough..and you have to want it..because afterall the miracles of things do not unfold to those who do not see even when they open their eyes….



7 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I love this – has a real aura about it – and I can’t stop by without thanking you for checking out – I’m glad you stayed a while to read my small contribution to the blogosphere – take care…

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