After living your life how you wanted to..after fulfilling your dreams..even after evrything, would it be difficult to accept that what you have would be no more..that you would just become a memory..a memory that cant breathe that cant make a difference..

Even after living our whole life cribbing about is hard to die..specially when you have all you wanted..its hard to let go….

But what is life..??

Life is a journey or just a myth..
Maybe its the end or a starting, a beginning..
Life is beautiful and lovely and binding..
Or maybe life is just a nightmare..
Who knows your alive..
Who can say what alive means..
For we are all simply blindfolded..
By the deary darkness ofΒ  SELF

I dont know if any living being has ever been able to define life..nobody could and that is it..if you can explain it..its not life .. for things like purpose and reason are too inferior for somthing so special.. its is past the humanly limitations and there is no point questioning it ….


12 thoughts on “Life

  1. This is a very deep question to existence I believe we each live on Earth to complete a mission, we could either let life pass us by or do what our hearts have been told, wonderful post by the way πŸ™‚

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