Faith and reason

Lit up the horizons those petty eyes
Pretty as possible filled with poise
Passion brewildered in those all that caught a glimpse
Cativated mesmerised they knew what all it meant
The colours the cremation clothes bear
Were filled with the meaning of the burrying souls
Those eyes had a simple logic and truth did it hold
For the furious and calm
For the confused and surround
What holds true is always good
Its just us to borrow those eyes and see how simply it could
Be guided and follow
Repace thankfulness with the hollow
This is the truth those eyes carried
That lit up the horizons
That is the guiding light


We all wonder at some point of our lives what is the meaning of life..
We are furious more often than not when we get into problems and the situation helps us fight all the faith inside us..
More often than not our ignorance wins
But I belive for I have seen this happen..
Not once but always..
Everything that happens holds a meaning and this meaning is larger than the harm it does to us ..the inconvenience it brings to us..
It is all much larger and beyond this ..
And I belive what we radicate through our problems that is the believe of a meaning of our lives is what actually are the chances and roads ..the whole purpose of the perpetual existance of human beings..
Small problems that we sought as discomforts and tools to prove there is no rationality of faith is actually the whole idea of our faith..
A purpose..
Through every problem there is somthing the universe comands us to do..something we are expected of doing..
Finding the hidden goodness which inevitably is present is just the first step..
And if u cant see the good you will eventually..
a simple fact that evrything is made by someone us and our lives and that someone gave us the power to change cetrain things and we must understnd why..

My point is
“everything has to have a reason”
That is what our human brain says but if only we let go sometimes the reasons come to us..
And things fall into place
And then we know what we are supposed to do

So leave not your faith because its so much larger than all of us and if it is for logic faith holds the power to justify itself..


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