03:04 A.M.

I saw the time when I woke up accidently..
I drank some water and went back to sleep but sleep for I couldn’t I woke up again in frustration and tip toed to the balcony..
I sat still.. still and silent
And for the first time it felt good..
To not think..
To simply be..
And it didnt bother at all..


I wondered who else would be up..at this time of the night day .. 3 am
Nobody I know is awake now..veryone too peacefully sleeping..
It is for the invisible those who are in love but their love isnt returned back..it is for those who live in this world dying each moment..and those dreamers who just cant think of anything that might let them sleep..
3am is for those who strive for somthing so big and so strongly that hours of the day that may be enough for others arnt sufficient for them….those yearners whose mind never sleeps..


It is a beautiful morning..not too light nor too dark..
The breeze fresh chilly
Its the time the nature wakes up
The best part is that you are not ecpected or sceduled to do somthing because well you are not supposed to have these moments in your conciousnes..
It is thus a bonus a gift of time..
Time that you wouldnt have had..

The beauty of this hour is so powerful and somehow it just micaculously absorbed in me..
It is wierd how the world we everyday one fine day looks so different..so beautiful..and this made me think that maybe if we give a chance the love will live evreyday will also unfold its beauty..


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