A walk in the ocean

I want to walk into the ocean
As far as I can
As far as I am strong enough to be in control..
Untill I am wet with the salty water wasing over me
Untill my feet is under the sand I cant feel any more..

I want to walk with that leap of faith
Untill I am washed
Thrown back over by the lunar and hydrolic bond that streches across all distance and time..
Or maybe accepted engulfed into the sea..

It wi be all calm and powerful..
Those few moments when I am in the water and in my conciousness
When I let go of my anexities
When I let my gaurds down and the pure placidity and music to mw..

Ill then look up to the sky once to pay gratitude to the midnight moon..
Pull my head back and close my eyes to let the vast mystreious sea lull me to sleep..


All die all cry
But that would be one death
As I surrender the life I couldnt make beautiful
But death would wrap around me its as and then, we would never have to part….



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