By far and beyond the passage of time
That revolves and rotates around the world i call mine
I belive there is a light and a space
Where there would be no more of me and no more of another
Just a light or a stream we would join..
To be together..

I believe death is not the cant be.. it cant be.. because the reason behind all of this the whole universe and life and death and god and evolution cant just be what we all are is too inferior for that..
And most importantly death parts the souls that connect so strongly..a mother and a child.. lovers friends and such a strong sacred bond cant end just like simply cant..

This all leads to one simple fact and understnding that this what we call life is not everything infact it is just a perperation for somthing much bigger..
So it is time we stop seeing this as an end..its time we stop living our lives for sake of survival and its time we stop fearing death and be ready to embrace it..but what is important is to do something worthy in this short time where we have no boundries endless opportunities no limitations….


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