I dont know what I am going to do
I dont know what I want to do
And this all is because I do not know what I am supposed to do..
Supposed to..not as per the world but as per the universe..
The drive inside me not yet ignited by the passion which bring sleepless nights and silent shouts..
The dream whose shine still blinds my eyes..There is nothing inside me right now..nothing I feel that can make me feel alive..That spark you see in the aura of all those who gave a new defination to life by their deeds..And if there is no passion..there is nothing. .No failiure no success no postion no opposition and just vaguness and emptiness surrounds..We hear stories and watch movies which are about people who failed or succeded never about the ones that comfortably passed their lives..the ones who survive..And seeing myself from a third eye I see the odinary road being followed and no matter how much I try I cant escape for I need a purpose to follow….


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