I chose the universe


We all have two choices. .
To take citizenship in the world or the universe..
From the world stops the ultimate calling and from the universe the only thing holding us back is our ultimate knowledge..

Our concepts of time and space and the infinite thories restrain us to judge everything by it and whatever cant be explained simply cant be..

                 IMAGINE WITH ME
Who put the earth there or better who put the entire universe..??
Where did that space come from..??
Where did the maker of the space come from..??
And black cant imagine furthur..
Where how who is all this..??!!

I can bet all my reason that nobody can explain this aligned with the thories of time and space we have set for us..and so engrained is us are these that there is no scope now to understand anything..

Thus its difficult to chose

One would make you Believe in miracles..n the other climb up the ladders of success this world has qouted for us..

So we mock all of it that sets towards the divine will of the universe..

So what again is it that you chose..??
Citizenship of the world or to allign with the universe..??


7 thoughts on “I chose the universe

  1. I am living my life,
    Loud and Free,
    Away from the constraints, of ecstasy,
    Wrestling with Hurdles,
    Dancing in glee,
    A series of extravagant distractions,
    Trying to get, to me.
    But I ain’t giving up,
    I am still laughing on a spree,
    This is my life, This is my world,

    I chose the universe….
    And the universe chose me… 🙂

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