The persistance of memory


I see melting clocks and time seeming so unnecessary and meek..
I see only nature the persistant part of this universe and not the humans whoch are affected by the passing time..
I see reasons and unnecessary impositions we humans have put on ourselves fade..
Like in a fantasy..
I see it all in a land where there is no one to question the same..

This is what I saw when I saw this painting..painted in 1931 by spanish artist and surrealist Salvador Dali..

The peice is one of the most famous artworks in the world and has various interpretations..

By some it is seen as the surrealist’s reference to the concept of time in our dream which is by far more complex caotic and indelible by the real world’s concept of in dreams there is no time frame..a year’s time can pass in a in our sleep we can’t apprehend time like we can through the day..

By other’s it is connected to the childhood of the painter and how at the age of 27(when he painted it) he could feel his adolescent memories passing by the frame of time but still persistant within him..

Some say it to be inspired by Einstein’s theory of relativity which in short claims that time and space are so related and integrated and so time is more complex than our expression of the same..thus the clocks melting away..

This painting maybe a lot of things maybe none that we apprehend but what inspired me of the same was that it is known to have people ponder over the way they their lives and spend their time..

Open now to your own interpretation..


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