a loner..?? Oh yes..!! ♥


It feels wierd when you are all alone in a room..without anyone to talk to..wierd because people around you are with people and you seem like a loner..wierd because you are ecpwcting somone who isnt coming..wierd because you have an image to maintain..becuase if you seem to be a alone it would be said that you dont have anyone to be with..nobody wants to be with you..
But just when you stop thinking about all of this about the image or what others may be talking..you actually feel good and then good things come to you..and you feel lucky..you feel beautiful .. as beautiful as you really are….
So there is always a plus of not having to maintain an image..
What people say what society accepts stops bothering you the very moment you stop bothering yourself with the same..
Ps I love me
And I am AWESOME ♥♥♥♥
N as long as there is me saying this I dont care if a million or even a single person agrees with the same..


9 thoughts on “a loner..?? Oh yes..!! ♥

  1. So true. When you let go of the image of yourself as being alone and different, then all of a sudden you don’t feel so alone and different 😊. Images and thoughts have so much power, for good or bad. Hope you are all having a peaceful new year!

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  2. I love being alone in the quiet. I will pause for a few moments and savour it, then go on with whatever I’m doing. Feeling that inner sanctity and peace is like filling up the gas tank. That inner power sustains me when I go outside my comfort zone. P.S. Thanks for following my blog.

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    1. Anytime..i came across ur blog n i absolutely loved your posts..looking forward to reading more..
      Keep writing ur words are full of insight and create a diffeence in lives or more people than u think..i was inspired..


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