Holding back

         We are all here clueless
         In seach of a question
       The answer is right front
   But strong enough vicarity isnt..


I belive our mind is only restricted and handicapped for the restrictions we have posed upon ourselves..the knowledge we are so proud to have gained over time..the practical realistic knowledge which we value so much which takes us not near but farther from our realities..

Ill explain this through an example..
Can you explain the origin of universe..??
Can you tell what is that you got all this power for..??
Can you belive without a stand of doubt in the existance of god of a universal power..??

Honestly I cant..
And the thing holding me back is not my reason but the theories set for the reason to be satisfied with..
No matter how much I would want to I feel helpless in doing away with these theories so engrained in me..and this is what I am talking about..


2 thoughts on “Holding back

  1. Glad you like my view of the Universe as a mystery we will never understand or even fully perceive, a given that has nothing to do with “God” or a Divine Creator, that is ballooning meaninglessly and apparently out of control, ours obviously, but also … God’s. More on my blog : blindfaithblindfolly.wordpress.com

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