Here I am in ranchi my life in a radius of about 50 kilometres..not more that a 100 people knowing about me..but it doesnt bother me..not as much as thfact that in 18 years of my life.. I DONT KNOW WHO I AM..
I dont know what I am capable of
I dont know what all I cant do
I dont know what I fear
I dont know myself..

It pains..
And then I see the world around me which is the same..
I see my self settling drowning in an escape the generations have provided us with..
An escape from this fearful and uncomfortable pain of not knowing..not knowing anything..!!

This escape is a Lie..

This escape is a comforting ‘life’

I belive there is much more to life which is far beyond where we have reached..
But here we are circling around the same place and not steping forward..
And I cry with this makes me sad..

If we could just all find done with the everyday bickering worrying and happiness over small things that DO NOT matter..

If we could all just be satisfied with who we are and know for ourselves our capablities then maybe we will be ready to face the next level..

Then maybe we will be able to serve our purpose the reason of this life..

But its not that the way when we look outside the window on a foggy day we cant see anything outside even when we clear our eyes..the same way untill and unless the whole world finds themself we cant do away with the caos around..

And what is the road to lead to it..
Its us..
We all need to(have to)stop circling around this vicious circle of ignorance and source of knowledge within and our inability and capability..we need to find content so we can all at least stop and for once SEE where we are–what is ahead–hpw far have we reached……..




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