Who am I..??


Who are you..??
The bare eyes in the mirror
I dont know you..
I dont understand you..who are you..??

You smile to the people you hate
You hurt the people you love
You decide your everything to yourself
But you change yourself for the sake of others

You are a hypocrite
Your selfish
I dislike you
The world doesnt care to have you

You beg the universe
To accept you again
And you figure it will
Even for your mistakes

You dont deserve anything
But you still wish you do
You wish you dont live
But you want a sweet life too

Who are you..??
Nobody wants you..
You are something
Your chilhood self would never want to grow into..

Shhhh someone’s coming
We will talk later
Or maybe who cares
Shh just tip toe away..!!

11 thoughts on “Who am I..??

  1. Great question! Who am I? A great mystery to explore. As a kid I would also stare into the mirror and think, “Who is that?” Amazing that we don’t know the answer to such a simple and important question.

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