Its too hard to be yourself and give a damn about the world
Its too difficult if they think you are different
Its too difficult to keep it inside too

And when you share with someone how you feel
Well people simply prefer to not see it real

Its just so much more fun to talk to someone who gossips and has fun than one who spends his time thinking he is not real enough or wants to change things that to crib

I wonder how many beautiful thoughts  and people surrendered themselves to the judgement of others
How many bury their thoughts for the same

But she wont..
This girl who belives she can change the world..
She wont even if she fears she will fail, she would try

And if anybody who feels they are different are reading this..
May i say..
You are here not to walk with the crowd but to lead them..
Your here to change the world..
And since you are what you are you have the power and ability to  deal with any problems that may come your way..
Just deal with them and move forward..towards the greater things..the purpose of your existance..
And do not ever.. ever change yourself..


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