Thank you again :*

The story of nashes in the alchemist..
My friend said to me..”its really beautiful lovely” as she recited the tale to me
god answers our doubts and shows us the path in so many different ways.. ways so subtle that often our eyes miss.. and we only can geniuenly understand these when we believe the universe would definetly guide us..


the last two years there had been a lot going on with me.. not really a difficult time but many small things that led me to be upset cry hate myself think realise eventually learn the lesson and finally start loving myself..

In all of that i had one conclusion that i would be there for people but i wouldnt let them be there for me.. and id love mhself too much because i am special and i dont need anyone else to

but there was some doubt in my mind.. i didnt FEEL as special

And then pooja narrated this story to me.. which i had read before but never did it mean so much

Just as for nashes the lake didnt love his beauty but he loved him for in his eyes he could see the beuaty of the lale reflected..My being specail my beauty the way i feel loved by the universe is not in because of me but beacause of how i see my world.. because of how i trust and love and appriciate and adore the universe and god soo much..

Its not how loved somone is but how much can somone love..

And i would never but maybe i was getting too much ingrossed and blinded in myself that i forgot who i was..who i should be..and who am i beacuse of..

So god thank you again for pulling me back..
Thank you thank you so much..

and now i realise that i cant be alone and loving myself is foolish..

I will love you unconditionally undountfully eternally and open my eyes to see how beautiful you actually are.. and as for me i know that you will take care of me.. i dont have to……

I can let go
and fall for you



One thought on “Thank you again :*

  1. You r an amazing girl Lavanya and all I know is dat today m fine is jus becoz of u, coz u supported me ,encouraged me and loved me so unconditionally …else I would have lost muself..
    Hey soulmate ! I love u so much ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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