A call for help


i feel perposeless
i feel binded
i want to break free
And run to you
And serve you
be someone worthy

Its too much.. god you ve given me so much i feel burdened.. i feel overwelmed.. i have to do something.. for all the people who do not have all this.. maybe this is my purpose of getting it all.. because otherwise i may be getting all the physical pleasures but i never mental or spiritual peace..

I am sorry for all these years i didnt show my gratitude to you and instead all i did was ask for more..
I am sorry.. but i really love you.. and i feel eternally indebted to you..

God i just have one prayer to you..

Use me god use me
guide me of how i can
Do somthing for you
How i can do somthing for the universe..

I dont want my life to end the way i was born..with a useless and empty soul


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