Being alone


Being alone
Is a differnt world

Where you think and feel
Without boundries

Where you act yourself
Without pretense

Where there is no time or space
Its like in sky
All silent and immense

There in that world
Where you float
You are left with stars in your viens

Sparks that were still inside you
Light up
And you finally feel;
Like you know;
A part that was always
Inside you….


26 thoughts on “Being alone

  1. I had a different take on this to the other comments it seems. Sometimes today people are afraid to be alone. I enjoy company but also crave time alone. It adds depth to the soul which in turn enriches our relationships with others. We become less “needy” and more “givey”. Liked your blog will follow.

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    1. Yes that is exactly my point..thank you so much for understanding.. and its lovely the insight you added to my little peice.. i love your blog and thank you so much for taking time to read and sharing your thoughts..u made my day β™‘

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  2. When you are alone sometimes and you stand in front of a mirror, you will realize that something is different about the person in the mirror, there is no fear, no worry, just the face brightened with confidence. That person Is what you are actually from inside, but around others you are not ready to expose the real you..
    Very nicely explained..

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