Order in caos

I always wondered.. does everything that happens is fate??
Is it already written??

And if it is.. then why would god knit beautiful lives for some.. happy go lucky people as we call them and so hard disturbing lives for other??


I was looking at the sky.. as the moon shined but dark cloudy covered it and as I waited I saw them pass from a distance.. okay ill see the moon again
Alas the clouds dulled the shine again
And just then I came across this idea..

That maybe human lives was also knit in such ways.. some were meant in a clear sky after a sunny day.. some in a cloudy sky ready to rain..

But is it fair??
The answer to this question depends on how we see fairness.. from the point of view of a person or from the outlook of the infinitely large yet connected universe..

See how we love the nature in the purest form..?? well polished row of trees do not appeal as much as the forest does.. yes in the forest a few trees have creepers clung upon them.. yes in the corner a branch just feel upon the family of ants..yes there were birds that cudnt find food that evening..but yes it was beautiful..
Everything in its own place..at every break of dawn they start and at dusk they rest for hours..

Similarly..for the universe.. we humans are beautiful. . This world is lovely.. as long as we are in our places..doing what we are supposed to do..

See a city from a distance..doesnt it look happy?? You know a family lost its young child.. a girl failed 3 times.. a bunch of poeple are thinking they have no future.. a little soul just commited suicide..
But what do u know.. as u see from a distance..the city..is beautiful

But ofcourse.. when there are too many clouds in a persons life..god gives that person the abilities to bear them all and of course if u say just once..
That dear god I need you..

He will be just by your side….

And we are all here with each other to shed some light when its for them too dark to bear..


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