I want to break away

Escape the limitations 

This body has

Binded my soul with
I want to reach out

To reality 

To the stars

The trees

The sky

They tease me
For they live free

With the wind

With the river

In a holy flow
And here I am

Trying to control 

What I have

Reaching out to have more
I despise myself

I am desperate

To escape
Even more so

As I realise

That my mind

Which was once free

Is fading 

By the winds 

Of practical reality

Of the weak and enslaved
And where all of this is going inside me

My only sweet reside is in the daydreams

Where I am closer to being the person

The universe would be proud of me
And with all this caos inside me

I take an expressionless face

Full of pretense

On the inside crying 

To be pulled out again
Dear God

I am drowning

Please save me

One thought on “Calm

  1. Now this actually helped me to calm down a bit. Actually i just joined my hostel and Mam you write so beautiful and inspirational 🙂


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