But problems as I said in my last post are odinary everyday things but there are some things that can’t be dealt this easily.. Our life defining stories..Share your story here..
I always believe that people can always help us better..

Simple logic
We humans always have the tendency to overrate our problems and other’s problems whatsoever seem solvable.. Avoidable and we always have a way to suggest of living with it..
So lets do something today
Just a shout into nowhere.. Lets all write what has been troubling us .. And let us for once.. Try to use our experiences and mistakes to help each other.. Give the strength to get up or give a direction ..a way..

I for myself I’ll share my biggest problem

I do not know who I am??

Or what I am to do??

I have no direction


4 thoughts on “Mending 

    1. Thank you so much.. I feel so too.. If only I am able to write something so that it contributes and is such that I influence people for the good.. And as for you I don’t know if M right but I always feel you should try harder.. Even I’d the things has to go away or doesn’t work out.. You will never have any regret.. You will always be the bigger person

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    1. Well I really believe in the idea of fate.. What and when is pre determined.. I guess we humans are not strong enough to change it.. But yes what we can do is not regret 🙂 so it’s perfect I guess 💙

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