Okay so here I am with a peice of advise

I always a consistent formula to solve my problems and I’d like to share that with you.. Here it is .. I hope it helps..

Step 1– will the problem still matter after an year??

No==> ditch it.. Life is not to sweat about small things

Yes==> continue 
Step2–if you do nothing will u land up at something by fate itself??

Yes==> if you can live with the consequences go with fate.. If not continue


Step3– List out the options you have

Step4– there always two things we are between by this level.. Now let these pointers help you (out of ethics and logic)

*if you can help someone or be the better person go with it.. It’s gonna matter more eventually and God will help

*do nothing that will let you be small in your own eyes.. Care about none else

*but do what you Heart strongly tells you to.. Not momentarily but when you know it’s forever..when you really just know..

Step5– if the pointers didn’t help

    Toss a coin.. The answer doesn’t matter..And your decision should be what you were wishing for when the coin was in the air


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