I prefer being sad than being okayI like being sad and alone

Because sad people 

They are beautiful

Unadulterated by inferior pleasures of the world

Sad and alone

Looking for substantial contentment

But Resolved it won’t be found

So they take plight in their sorrows

A beautiful comfortable place

2 thoughts on “Sadness❤️

  1. You are an introvert… being alone is good, but being sad, i don’t think it is beautiful, it is just like sinking yourself into the sea of sorrow.

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    1. Hey suraj.. I agree with u.. But well in real M nt an introvert.. People who know me will be shocked to read all I write but still when M alone I like being sad than unnesasarily trying to be happy and satisfied with petty things in life.. Yes be at peace but I think happiness restrains u from reaching out to the universe and growing because u r too contended in your own place.. Just too comfortable

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