Like a dream

The green grainy land

As far as she can see

Purple flowers like weeds

On the edge of stones breed
The sky a perfect colour

Niether blue nor grey nor lilac 

We can say

Its the colour of the pure sky

After dawn but before night 

No clouds no stars

Just a moon shines with regard
She sat there

Under its light

Lone and lovely

Wearing a lilac gown

Of soft thin cotton

A pink velvet belt across her navel

Her brown hair tickling

Her wheatish skin

Which in the moon light

Looked so much more pale

Her leg tucked behind the other

She looked all around

And sat still

Looking so pure

And so much at peace

The beauty of the moment

Noone could painṭ or see
In the world racing to reach nowhere

She was there

She had no hurry 

Not occupied in her thoughts

She let the universe guide her

Into the beauty and mystries 


And like a dream

unfolded reality 

on her steps

4 thoughts on “Like a dream

  1. This is one beautiful piece if literature.. the detailing is… And if I were to compliment in one word.. it’ll be AMAZING!..


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