I got my IT 

To see their picture a thousand times

And to feel further away from life

To have someone you always hoped for

And to wish every moment to have them closer

To miss someone so much so

That suddenly things seem less real

To miss a part of you 

You never knew you had

And to look forward 

To a blissful future with them

Does it seem possible to know a person for a month and that person becoming so important to you that without talking to them or telling them stuff or getting their opinions on things, all the things you used to do earlier which seemed more than normal comforting and happy now seem incomplete.. like you are where you are and where you want to be.. but you need something else too, someone else.. 
Well it doesn’t matter if it seems or doesn’t .. it happens.. for all I know it’s happening with me..

Love as I know it or may I say as I have come to know it, is strong.. so strong to move you.. with a gravity you never though of before.. 

that all through the day all you think about is the other part of you  and to make the one happy and comfortable to feel all of those things yourself.. 

That for once being selfless enough to see someone else before you.. and to think about seeing that person.. with you .. on all occasions in the walks of life.. 

it’s not like magic or impossible but it’s like a feeling that woke up inside of you which you never thought you could feel but then again you do.. 

And what is the most comforting at a moment such is to see the other person feeling the same and the hope of meeting and being complete again.. 

And at last

A shoutout to the cosmos

I trust you and thank you

May this grow ever so stronger

And yes

I miss him ..

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