Life as I know it 

Life is beautiful 

And so fulfilling

If only we live

On day at a time 


4 thoughts on “Life as I know it 

  1. Hello there!

    My name is Andrew Butcher, I used to post regularly on my blog called ‘You Never Know What You’re Going to Get Here’ on

    I am sending you this e-mail because at one time or another you have expressed very kind interest in my blog by following it (for which I very much thank you!), and I’d just like to let you know, (simply in case you’d be interested), I now have a different blog on my own website!

    Some of my more recent, and likely final, posts on my WordPress blog, expressed that I was hoping to both try and be self employed, and release an anthology of some sort of my work. I have managed to make that happen! There was difficulty, but I now have an anthology out entitled ‘A Leap of Faith’, of 36 different poetic pieces. Some of them you may have read before and already expressed interest in, others you will not have seen as they were previously unpublished works.

    If you’d still like to follow my work, my new blog, or would like to check out the anthology and learn more about what I do, you can find me on my new website

    Thank you so much for your interest, and for taking the time to read this,

    Take care,

    Andrew Butcher.


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