It is just the beggining of winter and on this winter day i can already feel my skin trying to curl beneath itself..wishing for more clothes to cover my body and more warmth to flow in my blood..

Guiding me through a miracle, the universe walked me to a window sill..i found the love i had been looking for..in the light sunny rays..

Oh how soothing it was..i wanted nothing more that moment..or perhaps there was something i was still looking for..in the seeds of my soulfulness..

I closed my eyes and looked afar..a dream blinding my eyes..

“Soaking in the sun..in a beautiful garden i lie..surrounded by trees and flowers of all kinds..no matter how long i am there..it never is cheezy or bore..i imagine collecting mangoes and chopping them to perfection..

..no time restraining my actions..i bake beautiful dishes and call out them..

Them the forgotten kids..for who the winter brings..much more sorrow than one can imagine..who can not cover themselves at night..

They all eat graciously..gratitude full in that moment of sublimity..

Why i wonder isnt life so simple..why do i have to be..somewhere i dont want to be..Restricted by humanly limitations that make me weak and flawed..

How i wish there were no cold humans in the world..so i were free and the universe could make all warm..

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