Fleeting Flight


Some moments suddenly, life feels so beautiful. Like a blessing. Like a gift. Like an unlikely undeserving warm hug. A kiss that takes you somewhere else. Some songs make me feel that way, or the wind, or seeing clouds, or stars or just someone you love.  I know this is big statement to make but for that brief moment, our existence, this brief speck in the infinity, our life seems justified.

It’s the best feeling, kind of like only love and gratitude but exponentially stronger. One can’t help but want to record it somehow to play it over and over again. Because it fades. As unexpectedly as it comes.

But that brief moment is so powerful that it’s worthy of being chased forever. The best part is, it’s dependent on us. We decide how we feel. Seriously. There was a time I believed in it but it was harder than anything else in the world for me but I know now the truth. It’s not hard at all but very simple. It becomes hard when we try too much. Just decide you are happy and look at 5 things you feel thankful for and there, you have a genuine smile.

I can’t help but wonder if there is no heaven and hell beyond earth. All of it is here. This life is like a purgatory and you decide if you want to make it heaven or hell.


YOU. Not what you have. Not who you have. You.


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