A new me, Everyday

There is only so much you can do, perhaps, just let it flow through you..

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Hey there everyone,

Its been a while since i was last here and a lot has changed, a lot. For me, the whole world has, because well, i changed. If someone who knew me 3 years ago, met me today, they won’t believe i am the same person and that is the most beautiful thing i have encountered yet. I am eternally thankful to the universe for it.

As i am becoming more aware each day, i have begun to realize that by allowing change, i am growing by the minute. Not bragging because i have no role to play in this. I am just, at the most, allowing change to flow through me. There is a lot to happen, i am literally just beginning but what makes me happy is the fact that in the last 3 years i have become mature, stripped of my ego (well, to a large extent), improved my vision and productivity, started seeing the good in things, being in the present moment and most of all, begun to have a relationship with myself. My next goal is to become more confident, improve my self esteem and take risks in life.

I feel happy, grateful and exceptionally motivated, well, most of the time and today i decided to share it with everyone, who the universe happens to bring to read this post.

I was inspired by all things I have and those around me have experienced, as well, as what i have learned through these insightful books, that just seemed to have fallen into my laps and spoke all the things i needed to hear. Starting with a thank you, to each person who has touched my life, here are the things i will be talking about in my coming posts. All about growth and change.

  1. Importance of growth
  2. Catalysts to growth
  3. Acceptance
  4. Allowing growth, removing resistance
  5. Being in the present moment
  6. Breaking patterns
  7. Identifying lessons
  8. Shadow work
  9. Gratitude
  10. Importance of people
  11. Law of attraction
  12. Loving yourself
  13. Living with intent

This is not an exhaustive list, just somethings over the top of my head. Please provide me feedback as to how i can improve my writing or just share whatever more you know. I have a feeling we all need to come together to grow. Lets not romanticize success, lets La vie en rose the journey and growth!!

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